Agata Bali Hospitality Management is an independent group of experienced hotel consultants with a strong backup from industry professionals who are still active in the business of hotels and villas industry, with references from active lecturers from a reputable tourism institute.

This combination will provide your hospitality business with the factual findings and solutions based on the current best practices and theories. Unlike the ordinary management proposals out there, Agata Bali Hospitality Management is committed to treat every individual project specifically and comprehensively and a special team will be assigned as the liaison officers.

Agata Bali Hospitality Management is renowned for their collection of exclusive and unique properties located in different parts of Bali, from the developing areas to the most popular destinations. Our brand management is synonymous with excellence and quality. Our experienced team will tailor any kind of requirements to your needs - whether it be for a property owner, travel agent or even individuals who need specific arrangements. Our experienced team are committed to drive and even exceed the desired results,